The OG Mansion

10 Acres of Land

Mint Price 0.1 ETH

1000 NFTs

Land + House

Mint Price 1 ETH

1 ACRE of Land
4,000 Sq. ft Metaverse House

400 NFTs

10,000 Sq. ft Mansion

Mint Price - 0.22 ETH

999 NFTs

Virtual Real Estate NFT

Buy Metaverse Land - NFT Virtual Real Estate

Are you confused by the populace paying real money for virtual property? In a metaverse, one can make money from virtual land by renting it out, operating an online store there, having an event there, or selling it. is a virtual real estate company that offers virtual real estate, metaverse land, Mint nft mansions and nft property with utility. Enter our metaverse mansion today!

Looking for an NFT real estate property? has NFTs for sale. We build Metaverse mansions you can walk around in! We are selling 4,444 NFTs of virtual real estate. Visit our site and get on the white-list to access the presale. Limited spots are available!



Q2 2022

Q4 2022

Q3 2022

Mansion Battle Game

Mansion Battle Game

Coming Soon...

Enter our Metaverse Mansion

My Team

Conor (Developer)

Mo (asst. dev.)

Sky (co-founder)

Don (partner)

  • Access Private discord for white-list only
  • Mint the Project when it launches
  • Have direct access to the Head Developer and NFTMansions team.
  • Get email updates for announcements and mint information.
  • get lifetime white-list for any future NFT drops from NFTMansions.
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